My Journey

It might frighten u to even dream of a 60 hours scheduled journey in the month of may(hot n humid) in a sleeper coach from Guwahati to Bangalore but i hv witnessed it alongwith 3 of my friends…

It was on the eve of this journey dat we were very happy bcoz our exams were finished on that day at 5:00 p.m. n sm of my friends were going home, sm were stayin in IIT Guwahati n sm others like me were planning to hv a long journey to d place where we were destined to live 4 d next 2 months(project) b4 going home…. We were all busy in packing n all sorts of stuff like chattin bcoz it ws not b4 3 months dat we r going to c each other.. So after a lot of mess i was able to packup by 12:00 midnight n then i thought of taking a shower b4 going 4 d horrifying journey.. n then i got ready by 1:30 to catch d bus scheduled to arrive at 2:30 a.m. Still none of my friends were ready so i waited n helped them to pack. Then we asked Sarang to give party 4 he has got d intern just days b4 in IIT Delhi. N our bus arrived 5 min. later bt it ws jam-packed n there ws a long queue in front of us of d students who were our co-passengers, so we thought of takin d next bus n only 6 of us were waitin outside Dihing hostel 4 d bus which cm 5 min. later n we all boarded it.. 5 min later i ws sleepin n 5 min later i ws woken up by my friend to tell dat we hv reched station( no it ws nt 5 min. only it was 40 min. actually bt 2 me it seems 5 min.). We reached station at 4:00 a.m. n 3 of my friends remained at platform 1 n 4 of us departed to our platform. 2 includin me cm bk to hv breakfast n then got bk to find our friends shoutin at us dat why we were so late(it ws5:00) n then we boarded d train which had arrived in b\w. 1 of my friend got out to get smthin 4 him to eat while d other said he dot want to tk risk of losin d train. Then our train started at 5:35 a.m………….

We all were feelin sleepy so we slept n i ws awakened by ringin of my phone i answered, it ws my friend vaibhav who ws leaving in d evening, he sked dat why we didnt wk him up wn we were leavin n then he bid gudbye n i disconnected… n fell to sleep again.. I woke up at 1:00p.m., to find all of my friends were still sleepin. I woke them up n then i asked whether they want to hv smthin to eat, n 1 hour later we cm out on d station to hv smthin 4 us, i took a bottle of colddrink n a cake, we cm bk n filled our appetite.. then we took out d magazines which we hv brought n strted flippin through pages of them which we were nt finding ne interesting so we slept again… we woke up at 6:00 in the evening n then we again read magazines n saw the surroundings.. then on the next station where our train stopped at 8:00 we got out n had smthing for us.. (bread, biscuit, butter, n namkeen)… we again filled our appetite n were nw thinkin of snthin to kill our spare time.. we chit-chatted n were told by our fellow passengers to switch off the lights at 10:30, which we did at d instant n then we were again consumed by d diff. anecdotes of ourselves….. it ws 1:00 a.m. dat we all started feelin sleepy again so we slept by placin a alarm 4 4:30 p.m. bcoz 1 of our friends hs to go to Howarah n his station time ws dat.. At 5:00 a.m. i was woken up by 1 of my friend, he was asking me to eat roll which he hs brought frm d station.. i said i dont want to n i again went to sleep…

I woke up at 7:00 n started feelin hungry so i cm out on the nxt station at 7:30 took 3 samosas n a newspaper to keep ourselves updated no wats goin in d country wen v r nt dere(i mean v r in train)… then in d morning we remain woke up till 10:00 after reading newspapers n then again fell into our dream world(sleeping…) I woke up at 1:15 approx. n then took a luk to find dat others r still sleepin(yes i ws d1st one always to wake up) bt i cm to know dat they hv already ordered for themselves so i got out on the next station at 2:00 n took smthin to refill myself.. It ws till then dat v were thinkin dat our journey might nt b dat bad bt destiny hd smthin else in store 4 us… well then i started reading the novel “The other side of me by Sidney Sheldon” n by 2:30 it ws impossible 4 us b seated in d scorchin heat… then as an angel my friend cm wid d news dat sm of our friends r travellin by ac coach n i asked him dat lets go to their coach bt by d fate i saw TT goin in d direction of AC coach n i sat bk… bt after 1 hours dat is at 3:30 me n my friend decided to go to d coach n we reach dere n v saw TT sittin over dere so v thought of keep movin in sm direction n at dat instant 1 of my friend called out frm dat coach n i stopped while d other friend got on to d sm path.. so i sat 4 1 1/2 hour in dat coach in front of TT(wid confidence on face wen i ws prayin in my heart dat he shudnt ask me 4 d tickets bt dat never happened…)

So after so nice exp. i cm bk to find my frnz still sittin in d heat… then i told themdat d train will reach at 8:00 to vishakhapatnam where dere is a nice restaurant on d station where we cn hv briyani so all my frnd jumped up… bt d train didnt reached dere b4 9:00 to keep us in agonizin pain of hunger.. me n my frn got out to find d restaurant at d other end of platform so we jogged till their n v found out a huge rush of public in which i tried to place myself, succefully.. bt only to find dat d briyani r finished n they will tk time to cm up again so i waited dere wid people trying to strangle me n after 25 min. v got our briyani n v ran to our compartment then v finished briyani n i found dat train hasnt moved till nw so i got out n we bought 2 packets of cherries( they were very sweet)…. nw wid d darkness around us increasing v started to become more n more attentive( no v r nt bats..) at 9:30 we were asked toswitch off d lights which we again did to ensure our privacy…. Then we started talkin abt sm of d ghissus present in IIT n sm of their idiosyncracies… The talk shifted to our love lifes which escape me n 1 of my frn others were having… n then at 1:00 we again started feeling drowsy bt 1 of our friends had a stop at 3:30, so we again put on the alarm slept i woke up at 8:00( my friend hd already gone) n sun ws shining outside….

Well then i did sm breakfast at 10:00 taken frm d train itself…….. n again went on to my job of snoozing…. then i woke up at 1:00 asked my friends to wake up n started reading novel… then we bought sm fruits bt like our luck they were raw so after taking one bite we threw them… then we were waiting eagerly for d next station so dat v cm hv smthin to eat which endowed us wid its presence at 3:30… then i bought a bottle of fruit juice n sm biscuits as i ws nt dat much hungry….. then my friends went to sleep bt i continued reading d novel…. it ws 5:00 n the hope of reaching in bangalore started growing.. so i woke my friends even coping wid their strong resistance n we started to luk out of window to get d sliver of sm girl… bt all in vain … we reached d city of bangalore at 6:00 no nt at our final station bt starting of d city.. n 4 d last hour of our journey i was remorsing dat i hvnt seen any beautifull girl in the whole area n prayin to c 1….. yes bt i got to c many on d station ater our arrival at 7:10p.m. so the whole journey was of 61 hours n 35 min.

N our hard luck continued wid us bcoz wen we reached it ws raining n none of us hv brought d umbrella so in d rain we tried to find out a hotel room n by 8:30 we were in d room wid all our luggage…. so we got refreshed by 9:45 n did our dinner n by d time we completed it all d shops were closed in d nearby area…. so my friends watched T.V. while i was gone in my dreamworld by 11:00… The next day i woke up at 7:30 n we hurried up to get refreshed(bath nt included) n then we did our breakfast n by asking sm people we headed to our destination of IISc……….

By yours truly,
Ankur Gupta…


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