GRE Issue: Artists and Critics

“Artists should pay little attention to their critics. Criticism tends to undermine and constrain the artists creativity.”

Critics play an important part in the world of art, their expertise. And as per the authors view that their criticism undermines and constrains the creativity of artist seems a bit exaggerated. The main function of the critics, as acknowledged by themselves, is to help the artists by elucidating them their mistakes in their recent work.

Critics are the persons who have an expertise in some form of art and they want to put their qualities to a good use by refining the works of artists. Criticism, in my perspective, helps the artists to know the multifarious responses of the public. And this criticism can either be put to use by artist to improve their work or they can play a deaf mute to these if they don’t find it pertinent.

Exemplifying, through the cinema, we can examine the motley of movies based on very varied genres. The directors play deaf mute to the criticism only if their work is praised from the other sources. So, further, we will focus on only those movies which have been successful. Their exist two type of cinema, one is critically acclaimed and the other has got acclaim from general public. And both of these cinema coexist in the contemporary world. This is because that not everyone wants to see a perfection in art. Art is considered, by many, a medium to express themselves and in the process of doing so, they want to explore their creativity and not restrict themselves to some of the stringent rules laid out by the critics.

Further, I don’t want to completely abolish the notion of the author. Since we have considered only those movies which have been successful either in terms of the profits or through the praises. But among the rest of them, which constitute a major portion, many artists try to find their misdemeanors. Some of these artists, in desperation, for a need to win may go to the extent of completely impeding their creativity.

So I want to conclude, that though, sometimes, criticisms can constrain the creativity of artists. But for those who revere their art, and consider it as a canvass to express themselves freely never waver through criticisms. And those who just try to get a praise from a public, also, don’t like to follow the path of perfection.

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    For another point of view on contemporary arts criticism, check out

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