My IIMK Interview…..

Date: 26th February

The interview was gone just like I wanted it to be, I will not b selected but I hv learnt (:) 🙂 🙂 )…..

My Profile: B.Tech in Biotechnology (8.61 CPI) from IIT Guwahati, going to graduate this yr….

CAT ’07, Total: 99.05
Quants: 96.01
DI: 98.53
Verbal: 93.94

I reached the center at 1:15 pm. The interview process was going to start from 2 pm. So I just fooled around and came to know that max. of the participant were from IIT D and the others were also from some IIT or NIT. Anyways at 2 the panelists came and sorted us out into diff. panels, I was in panel 2 with 8 others, 1 was absent.

GD: We were given a paragraph on certain effects taking place due to climate change (2mins for thinking, 12 min for discussion). Participated effectively, gave some cool points like:

  • not to discuss whether climate change is taking place or not
  • CO2 -> Fuel
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Biofuels
I was the 3rd one according to the sitting order to be called in for interview. There were two panelists
Male Prof (MP): Dr. Pritibhushan Sinha
Female Prof (FP): Dr. Sweta Srivastava Malla
and yours truly (YT)
I entered the interview room and was told to sit down by MP
FP: If we convert your name to English, what will it be called?
YT: Madam, ………. seed (after trying to think abt the first word)
FP: Will it be seed?
YT: No, Madam actually I am not able to recall the first word (Fuck, fuck, fuck 😦 )
FP: Sprouts??
YT: Yes Madam, Germinated Seed ( 🙂 )
FP: Hmmm…. Ankur, So tell me smthing abt Stem Cell Technology…
YT: undifferentiated cells, can be grown to convert into any cell type…..
FP: So is it ethical to use the technology…
YT: No Madam, actually we can create super humans through this, and also we are playing God by cloning etc….
FP: Do you know what is the source of Stem Cells??
YT: Trying to think…… Not able to remember Madam….
FP: Ok, you have written in your form that gentle breeze flows early in morning. Tell me why is breeze gentle in morning ???
YT: (????) Madam, because Sun is not there so air is not charged due to heat waves…
FP: hmmmmm, Ok, so tell me the Basket of Commodities for calculating Inflation??
YT: (????) Basic items like Food, Petrol and others..
FP: Are you guessing??
YT: (What else can you think of?) Yes Madam, we have not read abt it in economics course….
FP: Ok, What were you taught..
YT: tell abt the things, starting frm 1st sem (had done 4 eco courses)
FP: Ok, What is HDI??
YT: Madam it is an average of Literacy Rate, and…………. smthing related to death…. Madam, actually it contains three indexes which I am not able to recall……
FP: What is relation between inflation and demand??
YT: Inflation is caused due to a increase in demand and decrease in supply but if there is a increase in price, then supply will increase and demand will decrease…..
FP: Ankur you dont know anything, you hv superficial knowledge..
YT: Try to explain it…..
FP: (Looks convinced) Ok tell me smthing abt Public Distribution System
YT: Blah blah…..
FP: What is the poverty line, in money terms??
YT: Blah Blah, 1$ and Rs.20 in India.
FP: Is Poverty line calculated as per expenditure or income?
YT: Income (I am with stupid)
FP: what is wage per day of a laborer in India
YT: Rs. 100
FP: So why is so much poverty in India
YT: Seasonal unemployment, Unemployment due to extra workers….
FP: nodding..
FP: to MP (ishaare se)……
MP: Ankur, so you hv done a course in Numerical Solutions of a PDE. Write a 3D-wave equation…
YT: After thinking…… 3D, sir we hv not studied 3D wave equation
MP: How could it be possible, Ok what equation hv you read….
YT: Write an equation which is similar to 2D wave equation….
MP: k, write any equation with 2 variables whose solution is known to you
YT: Tell smthing abt an equation frm course of ElectroMagnetics and its solution
MP: If you hv done Electromagnetics course, you must hv studied 3D- wave eqn. Ok so you hv done a course in probability, what is pdf. and asks some questions related to it…
YT: A big blunder, get confused b/w pdf and PDE.
MP: Asks 2-3 questions related to probability
YT: Able to answer just one of them, try to answer other but futile efforts…..
MP: An arbit question…..
YT: Able to answer
MP was also giving lengthy explanations to every of my answers and gave to it also….
MP: Thank you Ankur
YT: Thank you Sir, Thank you Madam………
Got out, got relief……..
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3 thoughts on “My IIMK Interview…..

  1. roy says:

    not bad… you might just make it.. you never know with there IIM interviews.. i speak with no experience though!!

  2. troubler says:

    no probs at all, it wont matter if I am selected or not.

  3. troubler says:

    and as I said it ended up with no call………

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