Revelling in Captions

First of all, I want to tell you all that I am the Batch Representative of my Biotech Department. My official responsibilities ask me to perform very few roles and that too in academic settings mainly. But unofficially (and that is how I like to work), I am the person who is understood to take lead in any event be it time-table management, organization of parties, or any other discussions. So last week, I was accosted by a friend of mine with the proposal that we should go for a Batch T-Shirt (Sweat Shirt) and the next moment I was sending a group mail regarding the same.

So last friday night we had a meeting regarding the same. Now our dept. is sort of divided into two factions. One of those who love the department (read bio) and are going for higher studies and others of those who hate it. So the main point of contention regarding the batch T-shirt was whether to choose a caption related to bio or not. Some of the bio related captions were:

  1. Lost in Translation ( Translation is mRNA -> Protein) , with DNA helix running on sleeves.
  2. DNA helix made up of mathematical symbols and beneath it, Formula for Life……..

And similarly, the anti group had their captions like:

  1. Biotech – No – Logic (from Biotechnology)
  2. A Pic of a Cat coming out of an Egg and beneath it, We never studied Bio.

As the rivalry between these two groups was growing, one person presented us with an ultimate three letter word (read “Ram Ban”) which led to formulation of new captions. The word is “Got” and the captions were:

  1. Got Mutated!
  2. Got Evolved!
  3. Got Differentiated!

Though these captions acted as the pacifier but they were considered too cliche or lame by many including me. So the meeting ended with the captions from all the three groups, and I suggested that if we are going to discuss all the captions through meetings, then it will take a helluva lot of time. So I ordained (:P) to have further discussions on Orkut community and posted the topic for the same.

Now, some of the guys who were not present in the last meeting came up with new ideas and those were:

  1. Tombstone with engravings 2004 – 08 and beneath it, R.I.P i.e., Rest in peace.
  2. A phoenix holding a scroll with Bio 04 written on it and beneath it, Reborn from the ashes.

Now, the tombstone idea was giving negative connotation (with the kind of caption) as per some. So I modified the caption to “Lived My Life” and after haggling a lot over that whether it is giving negative connotation or not, we have reached a decision to conduct another batch meeting and it is scheduled at 10 tonight. Lets see what evolves……

P.S.: Since the tombstone idea is the favorite till now, so I am attaching the pics to give a look to you.front.jpg


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