Dynamic Personality – Too Banal to be dynamic….


Be it any interview, you will be asked one of the most commonplace question, what are your strengths and weaknesses? and as the question is trite, the answer is not any more innovative and you will often hear the reply as “have a dynamic personality”. So what does this dynamic personality signify? Does it represent a person who is capricious, reflecting frequent mood change? No, that can’t be a strength. Lets elaborate…….

Let me first of all make it clear to all of you that it is also one of my most favorite response. So how does I relate to this phrase. Lets see it like this, time is always flowing and with it everything else too. So to maintain an equilibrium with all other things, it is required of us that we keep on changing. You must be reading about job slashing that take place in MNCs on account of a position hold by some individual (or a group) is no longer consequential, every now and then. It was from a professional viewpoint, apart from that you can also observe its effect on personal front too. As you must have surely heard about the piling divorce cases, reasons for which are stated to be the rudimentary beliefs held by one or the other partner, from every nook and corner. So the rule to follow is that be dynamic, but the question is how?

How much dynamic should you be? For a computer science engineer graduated in 1990s, he should have been a coder and a programmer (read microsoft) during the early to mid 90s, a R&D personnel (read Google) during late 90s till 2004 and and then a web-developer and problem solver (read Wiki and Facebook) till now, to be understood as having an ultimate dynamic personality. How much dynamic am I? Well looking at this semester itself, I was playing Table Tennis for 3-4 hours daily in January, then Badminton in February and Tennis in March and I will be switching to Swimming next month. So you can see there is no timeframe for changing, but just your choice and never be satisfied.

How to be dynamic?? Get bored, yep thats the easiest way to possess a dynamic personality. I used to read Times of India (Newspaper) during initial phase of my life at IIT, then after an year I got bored with the same kind of news and all, and I shifted to Hindu and when I got bored with it too I shifted to Economic Times. Now-a-days I am reading both TOI and ET daily. For another example, I used to love watching Romantic Movies in 4th sem, Comedy Movies in 5th sem, Racing Movies in 6th sem, Action Movies in 7th sem and Serious (Art) Movies currently. But always keep in mind that whenever you are getting bored have an alternative in hand to which you are going to shift to. Like I used to go jogging in 3rd yr, then I got bored and switched to swimming in 7th sem and after that I am not going for nething this sm, n hv grown lazy.

So the Golden Rule: Get Bored, Get Dynamic.

And the advantages you are going to get from this trait, however banal it may seem:

  1. You will never lose your job, and possibly will be receiving promotions too.
  2. You will be a great boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, father/mother, et al.
  3. A great consumer, for you ll lap up every new gadget, automobile coming into market.
  4. Multifaceted, for this is a complementary attribute that you acquire from being dynamic.
  5. Last but not the least, giving the answer of that trite interview question will become a notch easier.
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2 thoughts on “Dynamic Personality – Too Banal to be dynamic….

  1. troubler says:

    Getting Bored doesn’t only mean that you get bored with what you are doing. Instead the word has a wide spectrum. A professor will only care to look for greener pastures when he is not able to find any novel and interesting work in his present field. And this can be corroborated by the fact that no professor leaves a field which he is finding interesting (and not boring), even if he finds some other field more interesting. Because for taking the trouble of learning anything new, for adopting a change, one needs a lot of motivation and boredom.

  2. This an Great blog post, I will be sure to bookmark this in my Reddit account. Have a good day.

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