Chicken – pak, pak, pakaik


Chicken – seems to be a very vague topic isn’t it. But Chicken is the word which is in vogue now-a-days and I think it can even win the award of most popular word of the year, hands down. Everywhere you seem to hear that vegan is the “in” thing but the verity is that the population of non-vegetarian (~90%) is greater than vegetarian population. Also the no. of people turning to non-veg is greater than those converting to veg. I joined this most beloved fraternity during my second year internship in Bangalore in July, 2006. I believe, the main impetus for the conversion is the delicious taste of “tandoori chicken” apart from others like – to try everything.


When we are discussing chicken from the eating perspective, then the main topic which strikes us is “Bird Flu”, which was a burning issue for whole of the last year. Bird Flu was prevalent in south-east Asian countries and because of which the export of chicken was disrupted and consumption ceased (declined) in most parts of the world. The infection started from countries like China and Vietnam, Japan and migrating birds are considered to be the cause of this virus. This outbreak resulted in culling of lots of infected birds and because of this many uninfected chicken also lost their life. So we can see for ourselves what is the fate of Chicken!!


Apart from this, I read a cartoon published in Times of India, a few days back. The cartoon showed two peacocks discussing that chicken is presented with the sacred title of National Bird of our country. The purpose of this cartoon was to ridicule upon the mute stance taken upon by Government of India while our neighbour China is using brute force and employing merciless killings to win over the area of Tibet. The beliefs on which India used to stand was nowhere to be seen. The vigor with which India rebuked the condition of Apartheid in South Africa or the dedication which India deployed while helping Bangladesh to project itself as a separate nation were truly commendable. Only the days will show whether India keeps its aloof stand towards Tibet or act upon its credos.


Chicken, well this is the only non-human being to which each and every human being is able to relate to. Consider a toddler who feels like a chicken when he/she is sent to school for no reason in particular. As he grows and reaches secondary school, he feels like a chicken in front of his friends/teachers/parents for being totally stupid (intellectually or by personality). When he reaches teenage, he feels like a Chicken, owing to the high expectations harboured by his parents (regarding his future) / girlfriend (regarding his bank balance 😛 ). Further, he reaches the period of a professional when he feels like a Chicken owing to not being able to keep deadlines, not possessing a beautiful wife, or even a Lamborghini/Porsche about which he was dreaming right from his sophomore year.Then he reaches the age of parenthood, once again he feels like a chicken owing to excessive demands from his kids, and demand of a diamond necklace from yet another mistress. And thereafter, similarly he always leads the life of a chicken and then dies the death of a chicken too.

So this is our life – The Chicken Life – and the best to live this is in the manner of Chicken Little.

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One thought on “Chicken – pak, pak, pakaik

  1. Melissa says:

    I think this is FANTASTIC and am adding to my favourites !!

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