Gushing forth, the bubbling froth

“Froth : A mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid” is the way wordweb describes the above pic. And how do you describe bubbles, well there is again a definition given for it in wordweb, but lets not digress this article as a means for the GRE aspirants, and I will describe a bubble, succinctly, as an ephemeral entity which is carved out from the tenuous ribbons of rainbow colour.

Happiness is a synonym of Bubble, for it can be very easily covered in the same words as above. Though, the frequency of these bubbles is the final governing body which ultimately determines if a person is happy-“as-a-hippo” or just happy. Happiness is neither quantitative nor is it predictive. Happiness is never seen to follow a pattern and the worst of all, or maybe the best, it is relative. But happiness is cardinal for every person and the best thing is that it is a surety by the rule of contradiction, which states that “You have to have experience of at least a single happy moment to know what the other thing is.”, which is sad btw.

The simulation of human emotions in robots (future humanoids) by employing the machine learning tools necessitate us to establish some patterns for the same. No I am not working in NASA or even SONY, but I just wrote these lines to make the article look more useful and not what it actually is. Lets find the pattern:

  1. Happiness when you wake up/taking a bath/in front of dressing table, is the most trite of all. The bathroom songs that you save for this, which compel others to argue with you against the benefits of taking a bath. Or the jig that you perform, trying to simulate hrithik/aishwarya, in the bathroom/front of dressing table, and which keep your hope alive of claiming from your medical insurance company, just some day.
  2. Happiness, when the gorgeous girl/handsome boy whom you were following for days, only through the corner of your eyes, passes a smile towards you and you don’t even wait a second to exaggerate that smile to a long lasting relationship among both of you.
  3. Happiness, when you win that game against your fiercest competitor or lose another game by a margin against your best friend and try to surmise the feelings of the other person.
  4. Happiness, when you find that even the most silly of your comments lead to a roaring laughter in a group of people and when the same comment is passed on a different group, it lead to strange expressions on their faces.
  5. Happiness, when you are going to some place walking with your friend and it starts to rain and he/she tries to find out a place for cover while you are just enjoying the scene and the restlessness.
  6. Happiness, when you are being rebuked by your manager/professor/parent and in between he/she is unable to control that smile.
  7. Happiness, when you left your clothes for drying on the terrace and while you are in your office, it starts to rain. You come back expecting to find your clothes wet, for the second consecutive day, but discover that somehow your clothes are completely dried.

Well, these are some of the patterns that I experienced recently, or may be keep on experiencing.

Apart from all these properties there is one utmost important property which is again difficult to classify in the good or bad category, for it defines how you will be feeling the next day. And that is it never depends on the whole previous day but it depends on only the last 2 hours of the previous night. So here we conclude that Happiness actually follows the Markov Chain. 😛

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