The Trinity of Communication…….

Orkut helps you to manage your contacts by categorizing them into pre-defined fields such as friends, good friends, acquaintances, never met. The fields can further be supplemented as per your wishes by groupings such as GFs, loves etc. The sine qua non for utilizing this cardinal facility provided to you is nothing, but a list of contacts i.e, your network. Networking is of utmost value in this globalized world and for that, there arises a need to communicate. So here I will define the Trinity of Communication through which you will be able to conjure up a list so long that you will need to entreat Orkut to provide you with tools to categorize the categories.

How to build your network – the most common network bulding technique is through the direct contact with the people whom you are working/studying/living together with. But that list won’t be long enough, or even if its a long one, you won’t be able to be in touch with most of them, through direct contact, for long. So to effectively build a network, without consuming a lot of your time, you need to be equipped with some of the tools, which are considered to be of utmost importance to me. You might be aware of them, but this post is just to signify the importance hold by those tools.


3 days back was my electricity bill’s due date, but I needed to go to main road for paying my bill. That necessitated me to walk for more than a km or so and spend 5 Rs. on a Bus to reach my destination and then back again. Otherwise I could have opted for an expensive and not so cumbersive option, that is Auto, but again it is quite rare to find an Auto nearby. So I postponed paying the bill for I was not aware of any extra charges/disruption of services on not paying the bill. And fortunately, atleast there is no disruption of services, and I will get to know about any extra charges, when I am going to pay me bill.

I was looking forwward to meet my friend, from IITG, for whole 2 weeks, but I couldn’t because after office hours its quite difficult to reach there and then get an Auto, buses are a rarity, plus route problem. And on the weekends I just kept on thinking how to go, because I have no idea about the buses and all, and today he came instead to meet me.

The vehicle is the tool, which enables you to meet, personally, with many people, without wasting lots of your time, plus saving your energy and money, at least in Bangy.


Ok, now one of your friend is in the same city as you, but what about the rest, they are in different parts of the country. If you are not a biking enthusiast and you don’t have lots of money either, to make a trip every week to every other place, then this tool is very handy. Plus, in India at least it surpasses the importance given to E-mails. This tool enables you to be in touch with everyone, by spending meagre amounts of money and in the way which is considered just next to personal, and sometimes even better, if you are good in multi-tasking. Apart from that, from the networking perspective, this tool can help you to remember the birthdays of near-and-dear ones, whatever the term implies. This is the tool, which is considered to be the preferred mode of communication in India.


The final tool which enables you to be in touch with those who are not so near-and-dear ones, I have already said whatever that term implies, and even create new contacts through plethora of socialising tools available on the webspace. This allows you to be in touch with hundreds through common platforms such as blogs, webpages, etc. Through this tool, you can find out your coveted girlfriend/boyfriend which, later on, you may or may not find out to your dismay, was not the one you were looking for. The internet enables you to be in touch with your country and many others by following the news. It sometimes even curtails the extra expenditure you would have incurred in paying that electricity bill of yours, by providing bill payment services online.

And you would only be able to prosper your list of contacts if you use all these tools effectively and just not equip yourself with these tools so as to handle your day to day chores. So always equip yourself with VMI if you want to get the appraisal from your manager for being the one who is able to get the required help in time of need.

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