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The legitimate affair……

I had gone for window shopping (may be some shopping too, if found something interesting) on one of the boring Sunday to the city (Bangalore) Mall along with 2 of my friends. I was in the showroom of the Westside, looking out for some T-shirts or Jackets. It was at that moment that my gaze fell upon a girl, who was just too beautiful, walking out of the trial room. She was around 5’10” in height, having probably blue eyes (jheel se neeleen aakhein), and long hairs (loose) and was wearing a white top along with a Jeans. I was just wondering that whether I should approach her or, just like my usual self, keep on looking towards her and end the affair over there. But then it happened in front of my eyes, the girl was walking towards a guy (handsome, rich), smiling, and at the instant I knew that they are BF-GF (as is famous in our lingo). Well then that was it.


Some days later I ws walking through the institute (IISc) to reach my lab. I was just looking around and I discovered that there are many pairs in the campus, strolling around. I was noticing the variety which was available in the pairs. The variety was in terms of the “looks”, yep the outer appearance. I found out that, instead of following a gaussian function, it was just too random. That is, it was not improbable for a better looking girl to have a not so good looking boy as a BF and vice-versa. Similarly a good looking girl (rarity) doesn’t always boast of a rich or good looking BF. So I concluded “Looks doesn’t Matter”.

When after the 2 month stint in Bangalore we came bk to IIT Guwahati, then this activity of mine had increased. I was always observing the trends. I found out that one of my friend (6 IIM calls + Yahoo job) has many friends (girls), as is highly probable, and that he also shares a soft corner towards one of them, even though I couldn’t account for the reasons. One of my Batchmate who is from Dhanbad keeps his IIT webmail password as: loveaditi. When asked about the same, he started telling me about his mushy feelings for her. To make the matters worse, I came to know about that one of my friend (who is from Bihar) made a GF, from Poland, during our trip to Ireland. Well I even uncovered that some guys were so restless that some of them have GFs in the city Guwahati, which is famous, nationwide, for its wide variety of chinks. Well, then the thing to conclude was “Love is omnipresent”.


If the things had not gone beyond the enduring powers of mine then, I found out that those who were unlucky enough, in terms of having any GF, were fast eloping to the other side of the fence. As can be seen by the fact (though highly improbable it might seem) that one of my friend got a call from some unknown number, 3 months bk. The girl introduced herself as his classmate, who got separated in Class 4th. Now they talk for 1-2 hours daily, on phone and their love has grown tremendously. Another one of my batchmate who is Departmental Rank 1 and with whom I used to believe that he would have to condescend to relate to this kind of specie, I discovered him in a cozy and secluded corner of one of the restaurants, along with a partner of the opposite sex. And now, I have came to the conclusion that there is a girl for everyone.

I was lamenting on the same conclusion for weeks together owing to the fact that yours truly has never got an opportunity to be on the opposite side of fence. And the nearest that one has been able to experience, are the vicarious feelings due to the innumerable romantic movies that one is a fan of. But thanks to TOI for providing this reprieve to me through an article which appeared some weeks before, titled something like “Haryanvi grooms head south”. Through this article, I was reminded about the pathetic situation of the girl-boy ratio that is prevailing in our country. This transferred all my burden of finding a girl for me on my antecedents who were irresponsible enough to have the conditions like female infanticide to reign.

And again I roam free and happy, armed with one more arrow in my quiver to salve me from those who try to plunge me into the deep pool of sorrow for not been able to make a GF which, as has been uncovered, is not even a fault of mine.

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