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Procrastinating MBA….

He was in class 10th, his father told him that being an Engineer/Doctor is considered cool these days (not in these words obviously) and ordained him to choose either of these. He cogitated on whether he is good in mathematics or biology to decide among the options. He scored above average (100% also comes in this range) and was able to pursue science in class 11th and 12th. He clears XII, after toiling for 2 years in a coaching institute, prepares hard for competitive exams, and gets an admission into IIT/NIT/RIT/Private Engineering College (if going for engineering, and respective colleges if sitting for medical), through any of the scrupulous/unscrupulous methods available which are never revealed thereafter. While doing engineering he came to know that he is not made for it, he still tries/leaves it all and heads towards greener pastures like sports, bakar et al. 3 years breezes in front of him, and final year beckons. He comes to know through seniors/friends/parents/siblings/online that doing a MBA is the hottest thing now and provides the hottest packages too. He decides to prepare for them, toils again for 6 months – 1 year, and come again the exams, he is standing like a wall to face them all. Either he tears them apart and gets admission into one of “his” reputed colleges or the exams tear him apart and resolves to prepare for them even harder next year. If you are able to relate yourself with the person mentioned above, then a very best of luck to you and you can STOP reading the post over here. May you emerge winner in any venture you place your feet in.

This sacrosanct blog is actually for those readers who can attribute to the facts as to why he is going to do a MBA. He can allude to the epoch when he had finalized his decision of becoming a manager. For all of you who were dead sure on their path until the bug of entrepreneurship entered you. And this bug has altered your thoughts to do a MBA in the near future.

I belong to this fraternity. My thoughts for becoming a manager were actually conceived in the early period of my teenage life, i.e, when I was in class 10th itself. From there on I had garnered just one vision and all undertakings taken up by me, from there on, were in synchronization with this vision. I wanted to get selected in IIT because I had read that an admission to an IIT helps in two ways:

  1. IITians rule, that is, they are given preference everywhere.
  2. IITians rule, that is, they have just the right attitude and the personality to take on any situation.

Though, after being one of them, I came to know the harsh reality that my first observation has no veracity (save for one the academic circle) at all. But, in respect to my second observation, it has proved itself more than anything else has ever done.

Coming back to our point of discourse, well, I got selected in one of the IITs, and attained that ever coveted personality. But during the course of all these things, I came to know about various other perspectives, which either I was not able to see or understand previously. The most prominent among them is the requirement of a job experience before a MBA. I always used to think that only those who are not able to secure a seat in one of the good management colleges go for a job (and refer it to as job experience). But, now that I have assessed all the pros and cons associated with going for MBA with/without job experience, I can safely say that if you are as naive as me and don’t know the intricacies of the kind of business models supported by some of the most famous companies in the high-tech field, then you need to give a deliberate look to your final goals and what you want to achieve from a MBA.

The second problem that needs to be tackled is the dilemma as to how useful an MBA really is. These kind of problems are faced by an individual when he no more wants to be a manager, but an entrepreneur. It is a usual practice that after continuous period of reading online, books, newspapers, I find the creativity bubbling inside me. And it is vent out in form of an idea which is further reviewed for its feasibility as a business plan. Many-a-times the idea is something which is already implemented across some sector, some other times the idea is too impracticable, owing to capital/labour/infrastructure/technological deficiency. Rarely, some idea is found out, which is perfectly viable, but owing to the lack of funds, and the actual business plan, the idea is saved for future to be worked upon.

Owing to these two problems, I am not doing MBA this year and going for a job instead. And it is also due to these problems only that I have seriously begun to doubt my decision of doing a MBA. May someone help me plan my future which has gone too haywire…..

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Pissed Off…….

Life is too short to be pissed off all the time – American History X.

He was feeling let down, the path ahead too treacherous to be followed, but he has to take the last shot. It is not that this will decide his fate to live or die, but it is surely gonna decide whether he is going to play (in future) or not.

He aims for it, loses by a margin, just a bit more. The world is against him, he can sense the invisible forces trying to pull him down, he is losing his intensity. But he has to try, again, gives it his all, loses balance, efforts gone astray, something is fishy over here. Others are laughing, they cannot understand the gravity of situation, they are just too menial, he will show them, he will show them that he is able, its them who are going to lose, not him. He shouts at them, laughter increases, are they real, they seem to be, but he has to forgo them, he has to forsake all, only then he will reach his goal.

But the path is too treacherous. He retrospects, he never wanted to come in the first place, and they knew, but he didn’t, maybe he will understand now, he could have never thought. Just let it over, he will never let it happen again, just let it over. He looks back further, a clue, something which can help, yes it occurred that day, he had fought, done it over, but he had help, he was in his own territory, this is different, they have cheated him. He comes back, not to present, to previous phase, their they are, snivelling, he abhors them, those filthy, grimy, slick, rotten things, they will come again, to feast upon him, and he won’t deny them, to devour themselves, but he wants just one thing now, the end. Bring it over, but how…..

Again, he tries, laughs, no, not on achieving, on missing, it has become his part, why did he come, no, this cannot be happening to him, he loves them, he wants to be there, among them, leave it, the thoughts, he has to attain, the goal. The order has changed, he was there, he can see, but, they were not here, he can understand now, they were never here, they were always with him, sticking to him, close behind him, and then they forced him, to reach here. It is clear, now. He feels it, lonely, betrayed, he pukes, he can feel it, the intensity, he wants to chase it, he has to anyways.

The last shot, here he is, the path is too short now, he is going to clear, its just his view. Finally, he tries, the ball is going, going, it has cleared, not too far off, he jubilates, he has got it, he has won. He opens his eyes, looks around, he is not there, they are not with him, they are still there, he is somewhere else, he has gone behind, and there is no way to clear it now, he has failed.

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