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Procrastinating MBA….

He was in class 10th, his father told him that being an Engineer/Doctor is considered cool these days (not in these words obviously) and ordained him to choose either of these. He cogitated on whether he is good in mathematics or biology to decide among the options. He scored above average (100% also comes in this range) and was able to pursue science in class 11th and 12th. He clears XII, after toiling for 2 years in a coaching institute, prepares hard for competitive exams, and gets an admission into IIT/NIT/RIT/Private Engineering College (if going for engineering, and respective colleges if sitting for medical), through any of the scrupulous/unscrupulous methods available which are never revealed thereafter. While doing engineering he came to know that he is not made for it, he still tries/leaves it all and heads towards greener pastures like sports, bakar et al. 3 years breezes in front of him, and final year beckons. He comes to know through seniors/friends/parents/siblings/online that doing a MBA is the hottest thing now and provides the hottest packages too. He decides to prepare for them, toils again for 6 months – 1 year, and come again the exams, he is standing like a wall to face them all. Either he tears them apart and gets admission into one of “his” reputed colleges or the exams tear him apart and resolves to prepare for them even harder next year. If you are able to relate yourself with the person mentioned above, then a very best of luck to you and you can STOP reading the post over here. May you emerge winner in any venture you place your feet in.

This sacrosanct blog is actually for those readers who can attribute to the facts as to why he is going to do a MBA. He can allude to the epoch when he had finalized his decision of becoming a manager. For all of you who were dead sure on their path until the bug of entrepreneurship entered you. And this bug has altered your thoughts to do a MBA in the near future.

I belong to this fraternity. My thoughts for becoming a manager were actually conceived in the early period of my teenage life, i.e, when I was in class 10th itself. From there on I had garnered just one vision and all undertakings taken up by me, from there on, were in synchronization with this vision. I wanted to get selected in IIT because I had read that an admission to an IIT helps in two ways:

  1. IITians rule, that is, they are given preference everywhere.
  2. IITians rule, that is, they have just the right attitude and the personality to take on any situation.

Though, after being one of them, I came to know the harsh reality that my first observation has no veracity (save for one the academic circle) at all. But, in respect to my second observation, it has proved itself more than anything else has ever done.

Coming back to our point of discourse, well, I got selected in one of the IITs, and attained that ever coveted personality. But during the course of all these things, I came to know about various other perspectives, which either I was not able to see or understand previously. The most prominent among them is the requirement of a job experience before a MBA. I always used to think that only those who are not able to secure a seat in one of the good management colleges go for a job (and refer it to as job experience). But, now that I have assessed all the pros and cons associated with going for MBA with/without job experience, I can safely say that if you are as naive as me and don’t know the intricacies of the kind of business models supported by some of the most famous companies in the high-tech field, then you need to give a deliberate look to your final goals and what you want to achieve from a MBA.

The second problem that needs to be tackled is the dilemma as to how useful an MBA really is. These kind of problems are faced by an individual when he no more wants to be a manager, but an entrepreneur. It is a usual practice that after continuous period of reading online, books, newspapers, I find the creativity bubbling inside me. And it is vent out in form of an idea which is further reviewed for its feasibility as a business plan. Many-a-times the idea is something which is already implemented across some sector, some other times the idea is too impracticable, owing to capital/labour/infrastructure/technological deficiency. Rarely, some idea is found out, which is perfectly viable, but owing to the lack of funds, and the actual business plan, the idea is saved for future to be worked upon.

Owing to these two problems, I am not doing MBA this year and going for a job instead. And it is also due to these problems only that I have seriously begun to doubt my decision of doing a MBA. May someone help me plan my future which has gone too haywire…..

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My IIMK Interview…..

Date: 26th February

The interview was gone just like I wanted it to be, I will not b selected but I hv learnt (:) 🙂 🙂 )…..

My Profile: B.Tech in Biotechnology (8.61 CPI) from IIT Guwahati, going to graduate this yr….

CAT ’07, Total: 99.05
Quants: 96.01
DI: 98.53
Verbal: 93.94

I reached the center at 1:15 pm. The interview process was going to start from 2 pm. So I just fooled around and came to know that max. of the participant were from IIT D and the others were also from some IIT or NIT. Anyways at 2 the panelists came and sorted us out into diff. panels, I was in panel 2 with 8 others, 1 was absent.

GD: We were given a paragraph on certain effects taking place due to climate change (2mins for thinking, 12 min for discussion). Participated effectively, gave some cool points like:

  • not to discuss whether climate change is taking place or not
  • CO2 -> Fuel
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Biofuels
I was the 3rd one according to the sitting order to be called in for interview. There were two panelists
Male Prof (MP): Dr. Pritibhushan Sinha
Female Prof (FP): Dr. Sweta Srivastava Malla
and yours truly (YT)
I entered the interview room and was told to sit down by MP
FP: If we convert your name to English, what will it be called?
YT: Madam, ………. seed (after trying to think abt the first word)
FP: Will it be seed?
YT: No, Madam actually I am not able to recall the first word (Fuck, fuck, fuck 😦 )
FP: Sprouts??
YT: Yes Madam, Germinated Seed ( 🙂 )
FP: Hmmm…. Ankur, So tell me smthing abt Stem Cell Technology…
YT: undifferentiated cells, can be grown to convert into any cell type…..
FP: So is it ethical to use the technology…
YT: No Madam, actually we can create super humans through this, and also we are playing God by cloning etc….
FP: Do you know what is the source of Stem Cells??
YT: Trying to think…… Not able to remember Madam….
FP: Ok, you have written in your form that gentle breeze flows early in morning. Tell me why is breeze gentle in morning ???
YT: (????) Madam, because Sun is not there so air is not charged due to heat waves…
FP: hmmmmm, Ok, so tell me the Basket of Commodities for calculating Inflation??
YT: (????) Basic items like Food, Petrol and others..
FP: Are you guessing??
YT: (What else can you think of?) Yes Madam, we have not read abt it in economics course….
FP: Ok, What were you taught..
YT: tell abt the things, starting frm 1st sem (had done 4 eco courses)
FP: Ok, What is HDI??
YT: Madam it is an average of Literacy Rate, and…………. smthing related to death…. Madam, actually it contains three indexes which I am not able to recall……
FP: What is relation between inflation and demand??
YT: Inflation is caused due to a increase in demand and decrease in supply but if there is a increase in price, then supply will increase and demand will decrease…..
FP: Ankur you dont know anything, you hv superficial knowledge..
YT: Try to explain it…..
FP: (Looks convinced) Ok tell me smthing abt Public Distribution System
YT: Blah blah…..
FP: What is the poverty line, in money terms??
YT: Blah Blah, 1$ and Rs.20 in India.
FP: Is Poverty line calculated as per expenditure or income?
YT: Income (I am with stupid)
FP: what is wage per day of a laborer in India
YT: Rs. 100
FP: So why is so much poverty in India
YT: Seasonal unemployment, Unemployment due to extra workers….
FP: nodding..
FP: to MP (ishaare se)……
MP: Ankur, so you hv done a course in Numerical Solutions of a PDE. Write a 3D-wave equation…
YT: After thinking…… 3D, sir we hv not studied 3D wave equation
MP: How could it be possible, Ok what equation hv you read….
YT: Write an equation which is similar to 2D wave equation….
MP: k, write any equation with 2 variables whose solution is known to you
YT: Tell smthing abt an equation frm course of ElectroMagnetics and its solution
MP: If you hv done Electromagnetics course, you must hv studied 3D- wave eqn. Ok so you hv done a course in probability, what is pdf. and asks some questions related to it…
YT: A big blunder, get confused b/w pdf and PDE.
MP: Asks 2-3 questions related to probability
YT: Able to answer just one of them, try to answer other but futile efforts…..
MP: An arbit question…..
YT: Able to answer
MP was also giving lengthy explanations to every of my answers and gave to it also….
MP: Thank you Ankur
YT: Thank you Sir, Thank you Madam………
Got out, got relief……..
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