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360 Degree Politics

Politics, considered to be a very wretched subject amongst the elite, is again in vogue in India owing to the oncoming elections for electing 15th lok sabha. Every politician, belonging to multifarious parties, is busy in creating his/her manifesto which can then further be accumulated in the party manifesto by removing the redundancy (which the whole manifesto is all about anyways, i.e, redundant).

Lets see how a government is elected. First of all each party presents their manifesto, their ideology in front of the public and they proclaim to bind by this manifesto, if they come into tenure. Then comes the role of media, to find out the most prominent (having some tangible benefits for their readers) proclamations from the huge list (manifesto) and apprise public with regards to the same. Public on its part weighs the options available with them and votes for the party which relates to their own ideology/provides greatest benefits. When any government nears the completion of its term, then it is analyzed that how many of those points in the manifesto are actually fulfilled by the government.

There is a very big loophole in the whole process. Which is that even though any government fulfilling all the promises made by it in the first place need not be a great/good government. Governments now-a-days are measured on the basis that how public friendly it is and not country friendly. Public friendly government is the one, which grants every demand made to it by the public. This government doesn’t looks into the long term growth of the country but concerns itself with the petty day-to-day issues of the society. And this leads to the government solving one problem and creating another.

What we need as a country is not the multiple manifestos endorsed by different governments, but a vision, which leads our country to the path of sustainable development. The vision should not be concentrated on the financial health of our country, but it should encompass, even the qualitative parameters like soft-power of our country, on the basis of number of countries we are trading with. The vision should lay proper emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions, water harvesting, reforestation, energy generation through renewable sources of energy.

The vision should also lay stress on reducing poverty, moving towards more equitable distribution of income, decreasing corruption, removing inefficiencies from bureaucracy. Also, the judiciary system of our country should be bolstered through concerted efforts. Towards financial health, our drive should be towards achieving self-reliability by reducing our fiscal deficits to nil. Improving medical facilities, and providing access of these facilities to a larger portion of population should also appear in the vision.

And when this vision is drafted, it should be made available as a common manifesto for all the parties and each government’s progress should then be measured against this vision at the completion of tenure, by some non-governmental agency. And then I guess we will be able to make a sound choice, instead of going by the stock market index/rate of inflation/last debacle/last good act during the tenure of any government.

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The Trinity of Communication…….

Orkut helps you to manage your contacts by categorizing them into pre-defined fields such as friends, good friends, acquaintances, never met. The fields can further be supplemented as per your wishes by groupings such as GFs, loves etc. The sine qua non for utilizing this cardinal facility provided to you is nothing, but a list of contacts i.e, your network. Networking is of utmost value in this globalized world and for that, there arises a need to communicate. So here I will define the Trinity of Communication through which you will be able to conjure up a list so long that you will need to entreat Orkut to provide you with tools to categorize the categories.

How to build your network – the most common network bulding technique is through the direct contact with the people whom you are working/studying/living together with. But that list won’t be long enough, or even if its a long one, you won’t be able to be in touch with most of them, through direct contact, for long. So to effectively build a network, without consuming a lot of your time, you need to be equipped with some of the tools, which are considered to be of utmost importance to me. You might be aware of them, but this post is just to signify the importance hold by those tools.


3 days back was my electricity bill’s due date, but I needed to go to main road for paying my bill. That necessitated me to walk for more than a km or so and spend 5 Rs. on a Bus to reach my destination and then back again. Otherwise I could have opted for an expensive and not so cumbersive option, that is Auto, but again it is quite rare to find an Auto nearby. So I postponed paying the bill for I was not aware of any extra charges/disruption of services on not paying the bill. And fortunately, atleast there is no disruption of services, and I will get to know about any extra charges, when I am going to pay me bill.

I was looking forwward to meet my friend, from IITG, for whole 2 weeks, but I couldn’t because after office hours its quite difficult to reach there and then get an Auto, buses are a rarity, plus route problem. And on the weekends I just kept on thinking how to go, because I have no idea about the buses and all, and today he came instead to meet me.

The vehicle is the tool, which enables you to meet, personally, with many people, without wasting lots of your time, plus saving your energy and money, at least in Bangy.


Ok, now one of your friend is in the same city as you, but what about the rest, they are in different parts of the country. If you are not a biking enthusiast and you don’t have lots of money either, to make a trip every week to every other place, then this tool is very handy. Plus, in India at least it surpasses the importance given to E-mails. This tool enables you to be in touch with everyone, by spending meagre amounts of money and in the way which is considered just next to personal, and sometimes even better, if you are good in multi-tasking. Apart from that, from the networking perspective, this tool can help you to remember the birthdays of near-and-dear ones, whatever the term implies. This is the tool, which is considered to be the preferred mode of communication in India.


The final tool which enables you to be in touch with those who are not so near-and-dear ones, I have already said whatever that term implies, and even create new contacts through plethora of socialising tools available on the webspace. This allows you to be in touch with hundreds through common platforms such as blogs, webpages, etc. Through this tool, you can find out your coveted girlfriend/boyfriend which, later on, you may or may not find out to your dismay, was not the one you were looking for. The internet enables you to be in touch with your country and many others by following the news. It sometimes even curtails the extra expenditure you would have incurred in paying that electricity bill of yours, by providing bill payment services online.

And you would only be able to prosper your list of contacts if you use all these tools effectively and just not equip yourself with these tools so as to handle your day to day chores. So always equip yourself with VMI if you want to get the appraisal from your manager for being the one who is able to get the required help in time of need.

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Gushing forth, the bubbling froth

“Froth : A mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid” is the way wordweb describes the above pic. And how do you describe bubbles, well there is again a definition given for it in wordweb, but lets not digress this article as a means for the GRE aspirants, and I will describe a bubble, succinctly, as an ephemeral entity which is carved out from the tenuous ribbons of rainbow colour.

Happiness is a synonym of Bubble, for it can be very easily covered in the same words as above. Though, the frequency of these bubbles is the final governing body which ultimately determines if a person is happy-“as-a-hippo” or just happy. Happiness is neither quantitative nor is it predictive. Happiness is never seen to follow a pattern and the worst of all, or maybe the best, it is relative. But happiness is cardinal for every person and the best thing is that it is a surety by the rule of contradiction, which states that “You have to have experience of at least a single happy moment to know what the other thing is.”, which is sad btw.

The simulation of human emotions in robots (future humanoids) by employing the machine learning tools necessitate us to establish some patterns for the same. No I am not working in NASA or even SONY, but I just wrote these lines to make the article look more useful and not what it actually is. Lets find the pattern:

  1. Happiness when you wake up/taking a bath/in front of dressing table, is the most trite of all. The bathroom songs that you save for this, which compel others to argue with you against the benefits of taking a bath. Or the jig that you perform, trying to simulate hrithik/aishwarya, in the bathroom/front of dressing table, and which keep your hope alive of claiming from your medical insurance company, just some day.
  2. Happiness, when the gorgeous girl/handsome boy whom you were following for days, only through the corner of your eyes, passes a smile towards you and you don’t even wait a second to exaggerate that smile to a long lasting relationship among both of you.
  3. Happiness, when you win that game against your fiercest competitor or lose another game by a margin against your best friend and try to surmise the feelings of the other person.
  4. Happiness, when you find that even the most silly of your comments lead to a roaring laughter in a group of people and when the same comment is passed on a different group, it lead to strange expressions on their faces.
  5. Happiness, when you are going to some place walking with your friend and it starts to rain and he/she tries to find out a place for cover while you are just enjoying the scene and the restlessness.
  6. Happiness, when you are being rebuked by your manager/professor/parent and in between he/she is unable to control that smile.
  7. Happiness, when you left your clothes for drying on the terrace and while you are in your office, it starts to rain. You come back expecting to find your clothes wet, for the second consecutive day, but discover that somehow your clothes are completely dried.

Well, these are some of the patterns that I experienced recently, or may be keep on experiencing.

Apart from all these properties there is one utmost important property which is again difficult to classify in the good or bad category, for it defines how you will be feeling the next day. And that is it never depends on the whole previous day but it depends on only the last 2 hours of the previous night. So here we conclude that Happiness actually follows the Markov Chain. 😛

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Procrastinating MBA….

He was in class 10th, his father told him that being an Engineer/Doctor is considered cool these days (not in these words obviously) and ordained him to choose either of these. He cogitated on whether he is good in mathematics or biology to decide among the options. He scored above average (100% also comes in this range) and was able to pursue science in class 11th and 12th. He clears XII, after toiling for 2 years in a coaching institute, prepares hard for competitive exams, and gets an admission into IIT/NIT/RIT/Private Engineering College (if going for engineering, and respective colleges if sitting for medical), through any of the scrupulous/unscrupulous methods available which are never revealed thereafter. While doing engineering he came to know that he is not made for it, he still tries/leaves it all and heads towards greener pastures like sports, bakar et al. 3 years breezes in front of him, and final year beckons. He comes to know through seniors/friends/parents/siblings/online that doing a MBA is the hottest thing now and provides the hottest packages too. He decides to prepare for them, toils again for 6 months – 1 year, and come again the exams, he is standing like a wall to face them all. Either he tears them apart and gets admission into one of “his” reputed colleges or the exams tear him apart and resolves to prepare for them even harder next year. If you are able to relate yourself with the person mentioned above, then a very best of luck to you and you can STOP reading the post over here. May you emerge winner in any venture you place your feet in.

This sacrosanct blog is actually for those readers who can attribute to the facts as to why he is going to do a MBA. He can allude to the epoch when he had finalized his decision of becoming a manager. For all of you who were dead sure on their path until the bug of entrepreneurship entered you. And this bug has altered your thoughts to do a MBA in the near future.

I belong to this fraternity. My thoughts for becoming a manager were actually conceived in the early period of my teenage life, i.e, when I was in class 10th itself. From there on I had garnered just one vision and all undertakings taken up by me, from there on, were in synchronization with this vision. I wanted to get selected in IIT because I had read that an admission to an IIT helps in two ways:

  1. IITians rule, that is, they are given preference everywhere.
  2. IITians rule, that is, they have just the right attitude and the personality to take on any situation.

Though, after being one of them, I came to know the harsh reality that my first observation has no veracity (save for one the academic circle) at all. But, in respect to my second observation, it has proved itself more than anything else has ever done.

Coming back to our point of discourse, well, I got selected in one of the IITs, and attained that ever coveted personality. But during the course of all these things, I came to know about various other perspectives, which either I was not able to see or understand previously. The most prominent among them is the requirement of a job experience before a MBA. I always used to think that only those who are not able to secure a seat in one of the good management colleges go for a job (and refer it to as job experience). But, now that I have assessed all the pros and cons associated with going for MBA with/without job experience, I can safely say that if you are as naive as me and don’t know the intricacies of the kind of business models supported by some of the most famous companies in the high-tech field, then you need to give a deliberate look to your final goals and what you want to achieve from a MBA.

The second problem that needs to be tackled is the dilemma as to how useful an MBA really is. These kind of problems are faced by an individual when he no more wants to be a manager, but an entrepreneur. It is a usual practice that after continuous period of reading online, books, newspapers, I find the creativity bubbling inside me. And it is vent out in form of an idea which is further reviewed for its feasibility as a business plan. Many-a-times the idea is something which is already implemented across some sector, some other times the idea is too impracticable, owing to capital/labour/infrastructure/technological deficiency. Rarely, some idea is found out, which is perfectly viable, but owing to the lack of funds, and the actual business plan, the idea is saved for future to be worked upon.

Owing to these two problems, I am not doing MBA this year and going for a job instead. And it is also due to these problems only that I have seriously begun to doubt my decision of doing a MBA. May someone help me plan my future which has gone too haywire…..

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Pissed Off…….

Life is too short to be pissed off all the time – American History X.

He was feeling let down, the path ahead too treacherous to be followed, but he has to take the last shot. It is not that this will decide his fate to live or die, but it is surely gonna decide whether he is going to play (in future) or not.

He aims for it, loses by a margin, just a bit more. The world is against him, he can sense the invisible forces trying to pull him down, he is losing his intensity. But he has to try, again, gives it his all, loses balance, efforts gone astray, something is fishy over here. Others are laughing, they cannot understand the gravity of situation, they are just too menial, he will show them, he will show them that he is able, its them who are going to lose, not him. He shouts at them, laughter increases, are they real, they seem to be, but he has to forgo them, he has to forsake all, only then he will reach his goal.

But the path is too treacherous. He retrospects, he never wanted to come in the first place, and they knew, but he didn’t, maybe he will understand now, he could have never thought. Just let it over, he will never let it happen again, just let it over. He looks back further, a clue, something which can help, yes it occurred that day, he had fought, done it over, but he had help, he was in his own territory, this is different, they have cheated him. He comes back, not to present, to previous phase, their they are, snivelling, he abhors them, those filthy, grimy, slick, rotten things, they will come again, to feast upon him, and he won’t deny them, to devour themselves, but he wants just one thing now, the end. Bring it over, but how…..

Again, he tries, laughs, no, not on achieving, on missing, it has become his part, why did he come, no, this cannot be happening to him, he loves them, he wants to be there, among them, leave it, the thoughts, he has to attain, the goal. The order has changed, he was there, he can see, but, they were not here, he can understand now, they were never here, they were always with him, sticking to him, close behind him, and then they forced him, to reach here. It is clear, now. He feels it, lonely, betrayed, he pukes, he can feel it, the intensity, he wants to chase it, he has to anyways.

The last shot, here he is, the path is too short now, he is going to clear, its just his view. Finally, he tries, the ball is going, going, it has cleared, not too far off, he jubilates, he has got it, he has won. He opens his eyes, looks around, he is not there, they are not with him, they are still there, he is somewhere else, he has gone behind, and there is no way to clear it now, he has failed.

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The legitimate affair……

I had gone for window shopping (may be some shopping too, if found something interesting) on one of the boring Sunday to the city (Bangalore) Mall along with 2 of my friends. I was in the showroom of the Westside, looking out for some T-shirts or Jackets. It was at that moment that my gaze fell upon a girl, who was just too beautiful, walking out of the trial room. She was around 5’10” in height, having probably blue eyes (jheel se neeleen aakhein), and long hairs (loose) and was wearing a white top along with a Jeans. I was just wondering that whether I should approach her or, just like my usual self, keep on looking towards her and end the affair over there. But then it happened in front of my eyes, the girl was walking towards a guy (handsome, rich), smiling, and at the instant I knew that they are BF-GF (as is famous in our lingo). Well then that was it.


Some days later I ws walking through the institute (IISc) to reach my lab. I was just looking around and I discovered that there are many pairs in the campus, strolling around. I was noticing the variety which was available in the pairs. The variety was in terms of the “looks”, yep the outer appearance. I found out that, instead of following a gaussian function, it was just too random. That is, it was not improbable for a better looking girl to have a not so good looking boy as a BF and vice-versa. Similarly a good looking girl (rarity) doesn’t always boast of a rich or good looking BF. So I concluded “Looks doesn’t Matter”.

When after the 2 month stint in Bangalore we came bk to IIT Guwahati, then this activity of mine had increased. I was always observing the trends. I found out that one of my friend (6 IIM calls + Yahoo job) has many friends (girls), as is highly probable, and that he also shares a soft corner towards one of them, even though I couldn’t account for the reasons. One of my Batchmate who is from Dhanbad keeps his IIT webmail password as: loveaditi. When asked about the same, he started telling me about his mushy feelings for her. To make the matters worse, I came to know about that one of my friend (who is from Bihar) made a GF, from Poland, during our trip to Ireland. Well I even uncovered that some guys were so restless that some of them have GFs in the city Guwahati, which is famous, nationwide, for its wide variety of chinks. Well, then the thing to conclude was “Love is omnipresent”.


If the things had not gone beyond the enduring powers of mine then, I found out that those who were unlucky enough, in terms of having any GF, were fast eloping to the other side of the fence. As can be seen by the fact (though highly improbable it might seem) that one of my friend got a call from some unknown number, 3 months bk. The girl introduced herself as his classmate, who got separated in Class 4th. Now they talk for 1-2 hours daily, on phone and their love has grown tremendously. Another one of my batchmate who is Departmental Rank 1 and with whom I used to believe that he would have to condescend to relate to this kind of specie, I discovered him in a cozy and secluded corner of one of the restaurants, along with a partner of the opposite sex. And now, I have came to the conclusion that there is a girl for everyone.

I was lamenting on the same conclusion for weeks together owing to the fact that yours truly has never got an opportunity to be on the opposite side of fence. And the nearest that one has been able to experience, are the vicarious feelings due to the innumerable romantic movies that one is a fan of. But thanks to TOI for providing this reprieve to me through an article which appeared some weeks before, titled something like “Haryanvi grooms head south”. Through this article, I was reminded about the pathetic situation of the girl-boy ratio that is prevailing in our country. This transferred all my burden of finding a girl for me on my antecedents who were irresponsible enough to have the conditions like female infanticide to reign.

And again I roam free and happy, armed with one more arrow in my quiver to salve me from those who try to plunge me into the deep pool of sorrow for not been able to make a GF which, as has been uncovered, is not even a fault of mine.

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The Inheritance of Loss


The books starts off on a note of happiness all around but ends with gloom overtaking everything. The book describes the story of Jemubhai, a typical Indian in the era of 1950s who goes for higher studies in UK, and encloses himself in the books and nothing else. This person turns into a conceited bastard and comes back to India with a great self-pride. He gets offended by the not-so-sophisticated manners of his wife and beats her up everyday and then forsake her and his only daughter.

The book also tells how Sai, a 16 year old girl, falls into love with her tutor, Gyan. The sweet moments shared by them have been described beautifully, the kissing, the touching, the cuddling, the nicknames, etc. But, then in the wake of Gorkhaland movement which started in Kalimpong, their love turns sour. Then the author describes wonderfully the nefarious breaking-up in which each of the person tries his/her best to detract the other. The incidents taken place in the past are used to justify their mudslinging, including the petty financial and moral aspects of each. Though, later on it is shown that both of them turn into guilty conscience.

The book describes how Biju, the son of the cook, wants to get a Visa for America like millions others. Then Biju reaches America, and the kind of life led by him over there is described. The equivocation faced by him on the fronts like holy cow, unholy cow, good Muslims, Bad Pakis, etc. The one room flat occupied by many, the ways in which to circumvent the authorities, the inability to walk into any departmental store, very high medical costs which cannot be afforded. Then in the climax, the author has shown that how, inspite of all these America is considered to be better than India. It is because of the lawlessness and poverty that prevails in India.

Then author has shown through the stories of Gyan, the injustice conducted on the part of minority ethnic groups of India. It has also shown the way in which Indian Police Force acts, the act of brutality against a drunkard who was taken up from the streets, was a result of their pent up anger. The book has also illustrated how poverty triumphs over wealth, through the case of Lola and Noni. Their house transformed into a shelter for the rioters without their consent. Towards the end, author is also successful in showing the grief caused by the lost of love, through the stealing of Mutt from Judge. Through this author has also shown the perverse face of Indian poverty.

In the end, all hell was broken loose. The guilt built up inside the cook, the Judge, and Sai were all pouring forth. The beating up of Cook by Judge through his slippers, even though Judge is not able to lift his hands, show the sadistic pleasure derived. This all has conjured up a great book, showing the various facades of grief (loss) and hence the name “The Inheritance of Loss”.

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Gafla (Scam) and Relations:

Stock Markets were the thing to which investors were sticking to resembling the ad of Fevicol ka Jod, and they are the things from which investors are fleeing away, not unlike the Jackal who runs toward the city on the roar of the lion. I am a novice in the field of investing in markets (not even started as of yet) but regarding the understanding of basic subtleties of investing, I think I have gathered some expertise. I will just try to express my opinion on some of the rumblings going on in the market.

First of all, I would like to tell you all that I watched the movie Gafla yesterday. Though they proclaim the movie as a work of fiction, but I (like many others) was able to relate it to the notorious scam undertaken by Harshad Mehta in 91-92. The movie deals with how a non-entity, with a bookish knowledge of the stock market, was able to corner a position for himself which deflated the wits of many stalwarts. The movie tells us that how “safe and secure” investing can create wealth for you. The movie also illustrates that how the big players controlled the heights of the market. Harshad Mehta was able to keep the evil plans of these investors at bay and boosted the economy using the scrupulous money garnered from HDFC Bank, supposed to be deposited in government securities.

Now, let’s come to the present market situation. The markets are running in a bear phase owing to the pressures from the subprime lending. Because of this, the credit rating of all industries is decreased and a liquidity crunch is eclipsing the markets. Also, the demand of consumer goods has declined owing to the gloomy outlook prevailing in the markets. This has led to a decrease in the borrowings by various firms for their operations, even though Fed has taken steps by reducing the lending rates to 3.5%. Fed is also providing the banks with loans worth billions at very low interest rates for solving the problem of liquidity crunch.

Fed is looking forward to providing each of the borrowers with some fiscal incentive so that they will be able to face the prevailing attitudes and help the markets to regain by spending some amount. And it is because of this speculation that Indian Market has seen a growth of more than 1000 points in the previous 2 days (although Sensex decreased 130 points today). You can see hue and cry from each sector, the zeal with which they are trying to convince the spectator that this is the right time for buying.

But according to me, the small rise in the economy is just spurious (and even reeks of scam 😉 ) and the US markets will further deflate. This will take place due to the further housing crunch, inflation and various other reasons. So according to me the best thing to do now-a-days is to go short, or may be even deal in small intervals and save the dealings for long term investments for the month of May or start of June. Till then adios.

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Chicken – pak, pak, pakaik


Chicken – seems to be a very vague topic isn’t it. But Chicken is the word which is in vogue now-a-days and I think it can even win the award of most popular word of the year, hands down. Everywhere you seem to hear that vegan is the “in” thing but the verity is that the population of non-vegetarian (~90%) is greater than vegetarian population. Also the no. of people turning to non-veg is greater than those converting to veg. I joined this most beloved fraternity during my second year internship in Bangalore in July, 2006. I believe, the main impetus for the conversion is the delicious taste of “tandoori chicken” apart from others like – to try everything.


When we are discussing chicken from the eating perspective, then the main topic which strikes us is “Bird Flu”, which was a burning issue for whole of the last year. Bird Flu was prevalent in south-east Asian countries and because of which the export of chicken was disrupted and consumption ceased (declined) in most parts of the world. The infection started from countries like China and Vietnam, Japan and migrating birds are considered to be the cause of this virus. This outbreak resulted in culling of lots of infected birds and because of this many uninfected chicken also lost their life. So we can see for ourselves what is the fate of Chicken!!


Apart from this, I read a cartoon published in Times of India, a few days back. The cartoon showed two peacocks discussing that chicken is presented with the sacred title of National Bird of our country. The purpose of this cartoon was to ridicule upon the mute stance taken upon by Government of India while our neighbour China is using brute force and employing merciless killings to win over the area of Tibet. The beliefs on which India used to stand was nowhere to be seen. The vigor with which India rebuked the condition of Apartheid in South Africa or the dedication which India deployed while helping Bangladesh to project itself as a separate nation were truly commendable. Only the days will show whether India keeps its aloof stand towards Tibet or act upon its credos.


Chicken, well this is the only non-human being to which each and every human being is able to relate to. Consider a toddler who feels like a chicken when he/she is sent to school for no reason in particular. As he grows and reaches secondary school, he feels like a chicken in front of his friends/teachers/parents for being totally stupid (intellectually or by personality). When he reaches teenage, he feels like a Chicken, owing to the high expectations harboured by his parents (regarding his future) / girlfriend (regarding his bank balance 😛 ). Further, he reaches the period of a professional when he feels like a Chicken owing to not being able to keep deadlines, not possessing a beautiful wife, or even a Lamborghini/Porsche about which he was dreaming right from his sophomore year.Then he reaches the age of parenthood, once again he feels like a chicken owing to excessive demands from his kids, and demand of a diamond necklace from yet another mistress. And thereafter, similarly he always leads the life of a chicken and then dies the death of a chicken too.

So this is our life – The Chicken Life – and the best to live this is in the manner of Chicken Little.

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Dynamic Personality – Too Banal to be dynamic….


Be it any interview, you will be asked one of the most commonplace question, what are your strengths and weaknesses? and as the question is trite, the answer is not any more innovative and you will often hear the reply as “have a dynamic personality”. So what does this dynamic personality signify? Does it represent a person who is capricious, reflecting frequent mood change? No, that can’t be a strength. Lets elaborate…….

Let me first of all make it clear to all of you that it is also one of my most favorite response. So how does I relate to this phrase. Lets see it like this, time is always flowing and with it everything else too. So to maintain an equilibrium with all other things, it is required of us that we keep on changing. You must be reading about job slashing that take place in MNCs on account of a position hold by some individual (or a group) is no longer consequential, every now and then. It was from a professional viewpoint, apart from that you can also observe its effect on personal front too. As you must have surely heard about the piling divorce cases, reasons for which are stated to be the rudimentary beliefs held by one or the other partner, from every nook and corner. So the rule to follow is that be dynamic, but the question is how?

How much dynamic should you be? For a computer science engineer graduated in 1990s, he should have been a coder and a programmer (read microsoft) during the early to mid 90s, a R&D personnel (read Google) during late 90s till 2004 and and then a web-developer and problem solver (read Wiki and Facebook) till now, to be understood as having an ultimate dynamic personality. How much dynamic am I? Well looking at this semester itself, I was playing Table Tennis for 3-4 hours daily in January, then Badminton in February and Tennis in March and I will be switching to Swimming next month. So you can see there is no timeframe for changing, but just your choice and never be satisfied.

How to be dynamic?? Get bored, yep thats the easiest way to possess a dynamic personality. I used to read Times of India (Newspaper) during initial phase of my life at IIT, then after an year I got bored with the same kind of news and all, and I shifted to Hindu and when I got bored with it too I shifted to Economic Times. Now-a-days I am reading both TOI and ET daily. For another example, I used to love watching Romantic Movies in 4th sem, Comedy Movies in 5th sem, Racing Movies in 6th sem, Action Movies in 7th sem and Serious (Art) Movies currently. But always keep in mind that whenever you are getting bored have an alternative in hand to which you are going to shift to. Like I used to go jogging in 3rd yr, then I got bored and switched to swimming in 7th sem and after that I am not going for nething this sm, n hv grown lazy.

So the Golden Rule: Get Bored, Get Dynamic.

And the advantages you are going to get from this trait, however banal it may seem:

  1. You will never lose your job, and possibly will be receiving promotions too.
  2. You will be a great boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, father/mother, et al.
  3. A great consumer, for you ll lap up every new gadget, automobile coming into market.
  4. Multifaceted, for this is a complementary attribute that you acquire from being dynamic.
  5. Last but not the least, giving the answer of that trite interview question will become a notch easier.
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